About Musion

Musion Store is  a lifestyle store, a way of living, a conscious community. We source and design lifetime pieces for all those women whose lives are already complete – hard working women, independent who take care of how they look and are also immerse in their own personal development.

From our bodies to our homes to our soul, in a very demanding living environment, we offer a vision of connection between our external appearance and our mental health. 

I always had this dream to create a space, a community for women where to unite two of my passions: fashion, the most esthetic side of our daily life with pills and knowledge about self-care, personal development and growth.

I have realized that there’s a blurry division between how we take care about the way we look and how disconnected we are in how we approach our personal growth and boost our self-esteem. An that’s the key concept behind Musion.

I truly believe that we need to work on all aspects that make us who we are to be able to live in a balanced and peaceful mind.

It is crucial to understand that when something makes us feel good on the inside, it reflects on the outside.  

So then, my purpose is to offer all those ingredients that will help you being your best version, in the most honest and genuine way. I am are here to listen, to make you feel understood, to walk by your side, to create those connections that will enlighten your soul.  

Whether I achieve this by brightening up your day with one of our beautiful dresses, or it is by accompanying your coffee moment with one of our artisan local ceramic cups, or it is by sharing and learning in one of our workshops, I am determine to create emotions and connections within you.

It makes me feel extremely happy to source all these stories for you to connect and continue creating your own stories with them.

I am so grateful for having you here with us, giving support to my small-big dream.

With love,

Marta, the founder.